Welcome to the Southwest Ohio Chapter of
the Air & Waste Management Association

Let's get together for some Social Networking in Columbus at Gorden Biersch Brewery on Thursday, November 10th!

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Southwest Ohio Chapter A&WMA Fall Meeting

On September 20th, the Southwest Ohio Chapter (SWOC) of the Air & Waste Management (A&WMA) Association held a meeting at the GE Training Center in Cincinnati. This facility is a national location for GE personnel to be trained, and also an outstanding meeting facility and a GE jet engine museum! As in many times in the past, our thanks go out to GE, and in particular our long-time A&WMA associate, Jim Sumner. Jim will be retiring at the end of October and plans to spend time on the road with his wife, Patty, exploring the US in their camper and enjoying life in and around both the State and National parks throughout the US. Bon voyage and Happy Trails from all your friends and colleagues at A&WMA! Thanks for everything you have done to extend A&WMA outreach to provide a neutral forum for discussion and information about recent and upcoming regulations, and for providing great support for networking within the industrial, academic and other media in the environmental arena!

This meeting started off with an introduction and background lead by Andy Weisman of RAPCA, the current SWOC Chair. An interesting thing to note, is that this was a joint meeting with our fellow colleagues from the American Institute for Industrial Hygienist (AIHA) partnering with A&WMA as an out-reach to fellow professionals. We appreciate Ralph Froehlich from Helix for suggesting this collaboration.

This was an excellent meeting anchored by Brad Miller and Anna Kelly from the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency (HCDOES).Brad Miller Brad is the Assistant Director and Anna the Monitoring and Analysis Supervisor of the Agency. Brad and Anna were, as always, very interesting giving a very detailed update and analysis on the most recent air regulations affecting us both statewide and federally. During both of their presentations, they fielded many excellent and insightful questions which lead to a better understanding of the key issues facing us today.Anna Kelly


Our host firm, GE, had an excellent speaker, Dave Roberts present product, environmental philosophy and recent environmental initiatives by GE as a large, multi-national firm. Much attention was given to GE's Dave Robertscommitment to environmental excellence, and some of their recent perspectives on risk-based focus in certain areas. Dave discussed how GE is transforming divesting some parts of the company and acquiring new additions to the firm. Dave shared GE's strategic presence in key hubs through the world; discussed the EvolutionTM Series Locomotives and how fuel efficient and fuel flexible they are; he affirmed GE's commitment to achieving top-notch environmental, health and safety goals, and how they have integrated RISK into GE's EHS Audit Programs. Many thanks to GE for sharing this information.

We also want to congratulate our three newest A&WMA members:

  • Anita Evenson from QSEM Solutions
  • Robert (Bob) Kohnen from Preble County Sanitary Engineering, and
  • Jennifer Krueger from GZA.We are happy to have all three of you as part of A&WMA. Congratulations on this involvement!

We have several upcoming A&WMA events that you will want to know about. They include:

  • A meeting at the University of Cincinnati on Friday, October 7th !
  • A meeting at Wright Patterson Air Force Base on where we will have another joint meeting, this time involving A&WMA and the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)!
  • A meeting in Columbus which will be a social event in November.

All of these meetings will have details coming out soon and we encourage you to try and fit some of them into your busy schedules. Remember, PDH's certificates are earned with each technical meeting so this is part of your continuing education and professional development.

Thanks to all the members, and please talk it up and let's bring in even more new members.


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